Hayfield Park Development


this consultation

Will you respond directly to my feedback?

While we will record and acknowledge all submissions to this consultation, we will be unable to respond to you individually. We will address all the issues raised during the consultation in the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) that will form part of our application. This will be published along with all our other application documents on Central Bedfordshire Council’s website.

What happens now the consultation is closed?

After the consultation we’ll consider all the feedback submitted as we shape our final proposals for Hayfield Park. We will then submit our outline planning application for the site to Central Bedfordshire Council. We expect to do this in summer 2017.

A Statement of Community Involvement will be included with our application. This will provide a summary of the responses submitted to the consultation, and explain how we’ve taken feedback into account in developing our final application.

When our outline planning application for Hayfield Park is registered by Central Bedfordshire Council, they will notify the public and invite people to comment on the final application, so there will be a further opportunity for your feedback at that stage.

When do you anticipate submitting your planning application?

We anticipate submitting an outline planning application for Hayfield Park in summer 2017. This will be done after we have considered all the feedback submitted to this consultation, together with the findings from our own surveys and work, and used it to shape the details of the final scheme we set out in our application.