Hayfield Park Development

Leisure and Community Services

New developments bring the need for extra leisure and community services and we are committed to doing this as part of our commitment to creating communities. Our proposals include new public greenspaces, play areas, sports pitches and a pavilion.

We propose  25ha of open space, which will include a combination of:

  1. Sports pitches with an associated pavilion;
  2. Children’s play areas;
  3. Two village greens;
  4. Natural areas to the east of the site, providing ecological habitats together with pedestrian access for walks and running routes, also including storm water storage;
  5. Natural areas to the north of the site incorporating access for cyclists, walkers and joggers, in association with open space, and a landscaped bund that protects the site from traffic noise;
  6. A landscaped green corridor that will be used for walking and cycling trails, and could accommodate the Bedford – Milton Keynes Waterway in the future.

These will all be accessible to the new and existing local communities.